About Us


Who are NailNation?

We are a UK based company that wants to change the way you do your nails at home. NailNation is the latest in the revolutionary Home Gel Systems, allowing you to achieve salon quality, chip free manicures for up to 15 days. Our goal is to build a community of nail lovers, the NailNation, who can all share their passion for nails.

What is Nail Gel?

There are two types of nail gel, soft gel and hard gel.
Soft Gel is the technology we use in our NailNation Home Gel systems.  The Soft Gel is applied very similarly to polish, in that it can be done at home and is a simple process. The advantage that Soft Gel has over normal nail polish is that it is cured under LED or UV light and will stay on the nail for up to 2 weeks without cracking, chipping or peeling and retains a shiny finish.  The gel can be gently removed without damaging the nail.
Hard Gel is often used for nail extensions and is normally carried out by a trained professional.

What does NailNation do?

We supply the latest in Nail Gel technology giving you access to a wide range of colours and shades and looks and effects so you can achieve your perfect manicure at home.
We are constantly adding new colours to our range to ensure that you can get the latest colours and stay on trend.
Our kits contain everything required for application and removal of the gel.
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