Working indoors and on a flat surface, place protective covering over the area you will be working on in case of spillage, e.g. a towel or kitchen towel etc.

Plug in the NailNation LED Lamp and arrange in your working area.  There are 3 buttons on the top of the lamp which will turn on the lamp for different times; 45 seconds, 60 seconds and one for continuous illumination.


Wash your hands using warm water and gently dry them.

Using the nail file gently shape your nail to your preferred shape (square, oval etc.).  Take the cuticle pusher and gently push back the skin around the base of your nail to give a larger area for application and to ensure a neat finish and best results.

Taking the buffer block, use the fine side to gently buff the surface of the nail.  This will slightly rough up the surface of the nail to help with adhesion of the gel.

Using the cleanser and lint free wipes, remove any excess oils and debris from the nail and allow to dry.

We recommend that you follow the next steps doing one hand at a time, starting with the four fingers on one hand, then the four on the other, and finishing with both thumbs.


45-SECONDSApply a very thin layer of the NailNation Base Coat to your nail, starting at the cuticle and working towards the tip.

Don’t forget to cap the tips of your nails by running the brush along the tip. This will help to prevent chipping.

Ensure that you haven’t got any Base Coat on your skin around the nail, tidy up any excess gel on your skin prior to curing using the reverse end of the cuticle pusher or a manicure stick.

Place your nails under the NailNation LED Lamp and cure for 45 seconds.

Note – At this point, you will find that the gel still feels ‘tacky’ and not completely dry, don’t worry this is completely normal after ALL coats.


45-SECONDSOnce you have picked out your favourite shade from the fantastic selection available, you’re ready to apply some colour!

Firstly, give the bottle a gentle shake (with the lid on!).  Again, apply a very thin and even coat to the nail, from cuticle to tip, ensuring you cap the tip.

Place your nails under the lamp and cure for a further 45 seconds.

We recommend applying 2 coats of colour, curing after each coat.  You can apply up to 3 coats for a more solid colour, or only 1 if you are after a more sheer final result.   The colour being used will also impact how many coats you may wish to apply as some are more solid than others.


60-SECONDSNow it’s time to apply the final coat.  Take the NailNation Top Coat and apply a thin layer on top of the Colour Coat, ensuring you cap the nail for a final time. Place your nails under the lamp for 60 seconds this time.

Take the NailNation cleanser and put a small amount onto a lint free wipe.  Then gently wipe over the nail and allow to dry.

Now you can repeat the above for the other hand and then for your thumbs.  You can also do the same for your toes, following the exact same steps above, but doing one foot at a time.


The best and safest way to remove NailNation Nail Gel is to soak off using the NailNation Remover and Foil Remover Wraps.  Do not immerse and soak your nails directly in acetone or similar remover products as this can cause irritation to the skin around the nail.

Firstly, take the Nail File and gently buff off the top layer of your nail gel.

Then take a Remover Foil Wrap and the NailNation Remover (both included in the NailNation Deluxe Starter Kit).  Soak the cotton pad on the foil wrap with the remover.

Take the foil and place the soaked cotton pad directly onto the nail, then wrap the rest of the foil around your nail which will hold the cotton pad in place. Do this for each finger, one hand at a time.

Leave the foil on your nail to soak for around 10-15 minutes.  This will loosen the gel and it should flake away.  As you remove the foil, gently rub the cotton pad over the nail to help remove the flakes of gel.

For any remaining nail gel flakes take a cuticle pusher or manicure stick and gently scrape away until the nail is clean.

You can then use the NailNation Cleanser and lint free wipes to clean the nail.  Apply NailNation Cuticle Oil to the nail bed to nourish and moisturise the nail (included in the NailNation Deluxe Starter Kit).

This will leave your nails hydrated and healthy, ready for the next manicure!


That’s it you’re now ready to show off your new, shiny gel manicure!

Don’t forget to send us a picture of your NailNation gel manicure to our Instagram and Facebook pages.  You can also find lots of designs and colour ideas for your next look.