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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the NailNation products?

Check out our ‘How to Apply and Remove’ page for full instructions on application and removal.

Will using nail gel damage my nails?

The short answer is no.

The slightly longer answer is that when removed correctly, the nail gel will leave no damage to the nail bed underneath.

The key is to ensure you allow the remover to do its job by not rushing the process and scraping the nail gel off too early. This is the most common cause of damage to the nail bed.  Simply follow the removal instructions and soak the nail gel for the recommended time.  If the gel does not flake off with a gentle push or rub then the remover may need a few more minutes to work.  You should not roughly scrape, pry or peel off the gel.

The remover itself will not damage the nail bed, however, it can leave the nail dehydrated of natural oils.  Therefore, we recommend using a good cuticle oil to replenish the nails such as the NailNation Cuticle Oil which will leave your nails healthy, nourished and ready for the next manicure!

How do I ensure I get the most out of each application?

To get the most out of each application, it is important that you follow the application instructions in detail.  As with most things, preparation is key!  Ensure the nail is clean and properly prepped for application.  Also, make sure you cap the nails to reduce the risk of chipping.

Why do my nails feel tacky in between coats?

Don’t worry, this is completely normal.  The lamp is not supposed to dry the gel completely; it should remain slightly tacky in between coats. This helps to bind the layers together.  Once you apply the final coat, simply use the cleanser and lint free wipes to wipe the nails and give them a glossy, salon quality finish.

To find out more about NailNation visit our ‘About Us’ page.